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I’m really bored and will be online basically, so ask me stuff. 

24th july

found out my books for my course are only coming on wednesday which suck a little but i’m still supper excited about getting them. i have the online books which are good but i would love to have the physical books. i’ve missed actual books. 

my workout was a walk and exercises with dumbbells, at the end of this month i’m going get into the swing of things that are more rigorous.

lazylittlecouchpotato <3 

23rd july

I’ve spent a lot of time this past year complaining like a spoilt child; this hasn’t gone my way, that hasn’t gone my way. She makes me body conscious, he makes me body conscious. And yet, aside from hiding away and complaining about my life I’ve done very little to actually change anything. I’ve had a moment or two where I said I was going to be less negative or im going to only recognize the good in my life,both of which are virtually impossible to do. Someone once said you must weather the bad to appreciate the good. I’ve been in need of balance, discipline and purpose. Today I took back my life. I’ve enrolled in an online course, I’ve started some stuff here at home and I’ve planned to be in the best shape of my life by September.

My workout today was exercises with dumbbells, squats and leg raises. If the weather is cooler tomorrow I am hoping to go for a walk but at 40C being outdoors is not in the cards for me yet.


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21st july

got some fantastic news today then some really bad news then some okay news i’m going to focus on the good and just roll with it. i can’t keep letting the negativity get to me which is what i’ve been doing a lot lately.

my workout to day was good. crunches, squats, push-ups, exercises with dumbbells and a lot of stretching. as of late i’ve noticed all i want to do stretch my limbs out till i can’t stretch any further.

lazylittlecouchpotato <3 

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