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28th Augusts (take 2)

I’ve been pretty sick lately so updates haven’t happened. And of course I thought I could do this without my updates, which was a stupid thought. I need this to keep me on track. 
I had a few big plans for the next few months but it seems like those are going to have to be put on hold which is a little upsetting but i have my two courses to do still. I’ve been spending more time on one of the courses than the other though so i need to distribute my time more evenly. 
Also since i’ve been sick i’ve many of my workouts on hold but now I’m back and I’m going to do a two week ab challenge in addition to my work with dumbbells and the use of the treadmill. 
Working out keeps me happy and in control of my life so here’s to taking back control.

lazylittlecouchpotato <3


It’s 5am, im literally the only person awake, my cats are out in the garden and  there is stuff randomly moving around my house and it is freaking me out. I don’t know how to explain it but things are being rearranged and dropped. So send me asks or tell me funny stories to help me keep my mind off of this? And please don’t make jokes about it because im not ready to laugh about it just yet  xx


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affectionately, lazylittlecouchpotato <3

august 16th: note to self

i need to go back to writing it down here every time i work out because days are merging into one and im never quite sure if i’ve worked out each day or not. there is something strange about time. but it’s okay. 

lazylittlecouchpotato <3

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